PEHUEN Fashion Consulting


In this space, we dedicate ourselves to analyze and anticipate the most relevant trends across various domains to drive innovation in our projects. Allow us to guide you through the creative process and tools we use to channelize the true essence of PHN a Trend Company.

A Fashion Trend is much more than the runway looks; it involves having a deep understanding of consumers’ needs and what truly drives them.

Our Inspiration

Business of Fashion


Fashion Snoops

Exploring Trips

Fashion Correspondents

Cultural and Fashion Events


This working methodology allow us to detect trends and needs at an early stage. 

We incorporate innovative tools, like AI, new hardwares and new sofwares, that enable us to develop new products and projects.

AI Generated Images

PHN LAB is the core of our innovation and creativity. We are determined to remain a leading company that foresees trends, drives significant changes, and sets the pace for the future.